Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Size 14

In past years my favorite fly was a beadhead pheasant, size 16. Although this fly has hooked many trout, it never caught many big trout. You know, the ones over 14 inches. This year I sized up to size 14 flies. Beadhead pheasant, beadhead prince, hares ear, all size 14. Maybe it's a coincidence, but I caught more and bigger trout when I made the switch to a size 14. I realize that the size difference between a size 16 fly and a size 14 fly can be measured in millimeters. But it did seem to make a difference. Maybe like humans, trout get older and could benefit from glasses and Lasik surgeries. Then they'd eat my size 16's again.


  1. HMMMM...wonder what a size 12, or 10, or bigger would do?!!

  2. My thoughts exactly. My goal for next year is to tie more 10-14's. I might even try some of those goofy looking wooly buggers that usually just take up space in the fly boxes.