Monday, September 14, 2009

Maroon and Gold

Maroon and gold. Everywhere you looked, it was a sea of maroon and gold. In a state ruled by purple, a new era of Minnesota football was born. I was lucky enough to attend the inaugural football game at the new University of Minnesota this past weekend. It was a memorable day, starting with tailgating next to a new outdoor football stadium. I was amazed by all of the people dressed in maroon and gold, proudly making a statement that they were a fan of U of M football. Who were these people?!? And where had they been for the past 27 years?!? Over the past 10-12 years I've been to countless gopher games in the Metrodome. I've also been on 5-6 trips to Wisconsin and a few games at Iowa during that time. Yet no where had a I witnessed Gopher-mania like I did this last Saturday. It was real college football. It was real college atmostphere. It was real college fun.

Go Gophers!

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